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Insight Leadership Coaching is a Melbourne based executive coaching and mentoring service that specialises in developing leadership and facilitating transition to leadership roles. We work with you to improve workplace performance through developing leadership in high potential people at all levels in the organisation. Our distinctive combination of coaching and mentoring combines our skill and experience in coaching with our expertise in management, organisation development and leadership.


Our leadership coaching aims to -

  • improve the professional or workplace performance of individuals and teams

  • expand professional career opportunities, and

  • improve business management strategies

We do this by working on professional and workplace issues in concert with each person's development of self-awareness, self-confidence and emotional intelligence. We use a framework where professional/workplace development and personal development support one another, so leadership skills and personal well being increase together. This coaching leads to improved work performance, more effective leadership, and added personal satisfaction and so work/life balance comes more easily.


We initially identify with you the development areas that are most important for you and your team or organisation right now.

Most people decide that they want to focus on a few areas such as -

  • Teams working on stratgey, change and leadershipbuilding strategy

  • navigating change

  • developing leadership

  • addressing issues

  • strengthening teams

  • influencing people

  • reducing stress

We then coach and mentor key people or teams, using an individualised program based on established coaching techniques and management expertise, so that you work towards your goals at a pace and in a way that suits you. The aim is to build leadership by supporting and developing people and teams in line with your organisation's strategic context.



Our distinctive combination of coaching and mentoring


Through coaching we work with you to identify leadership goals in line with your potential, values and situation, and to develop your personal motivation, capacity and skills for achieving them. Click here for more details.


Our mentoring gives you personalised access to usable management expertise. We can act as a sounding board, offering you solution focussed key ideas and information, relevant to your current needs, when you need it, as you are ready to use it. This works in concert with coaching to facilitate the coaching process. Click here for more details.


Each personalised program combines coaching and mentoring so that you develop your personal abilities as you apply new practical techniques. In our experience, this process provides practical ways of dealing with immediate issues, while at the same time developing deep leadership attitudes and skills that our clients carry forward as they build their ongoing effectiveness.



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