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I have benefited from Michael’s maturity and his overall understanding of how systems and people fit together to make a focussed and productive business. He has encouraged me to think strategically about the business, and has helped me to manage and lead my people – how to understand and respond to different personalities so that everyone can contribute their best. I'm now able to expand my business, confident that the staff are working to their abilities as a team, and I no longer worry that key staff might leave.

Small business owner, professional service industry


Developing leadership

Thanks to Michael's coaching, I have improved my leadership performance, and am not distracted by negative conversations coming from my team. He assisted me in becoming a leader, dealing with difficult people above and below me, and becoming more professional. He was a terrific sounding board just when I needed it. We dealt with the key issues for me at the time, and that was the key to the success of the coaching.

Manager and project leader, health and community sector



Coaching has been significant in developing the skills I've needed to start up a new business area within a complex large corporate environment. I have developed improved strategies for my continual development in all areas. I now think differently about all aspects of my role, and have strategies to combine corporate performance requirements with my creative fulfilment.

Senior manager, creative industry



At the personal level, Michael's coaching had a profound effect on my professional identity, my plans for career progression, and my day-to-day orientation to my work. At the organisational level, I am much more focussed and strategic, when necessary, in my interactions with others. My coach was absolutely outstanding.

Newly appointed senior manager, corporate service sector



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